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The Team

Gregory John Heath & Amber Lynn Heath

The Photographer: Award winning photographer, Gregory John Heath, first picked up his grandfather's box camera at the age of six. Roll upon roll of film became year upon year of photography. Interested in all aspects of photography, Gregory wanted to get out from behind the camera and step in front. Leaving Calgary for Toronto, he was to engage in a long and prosperous career as both a professional model and a commercial talent.

Gregory never lost sight of his camera, nor did he put it down. Having worked with some of Europe’s top photographers, he quickly learned the artistry and skills needed to produce top images.

He also became a talented graphic artist, forming his own company in Toronto. Realizing that he was far more in love with photography he quickly returned to his roots. But this time he returned combining his skill sets to not only make him a taleted photographer, but a master at post production. He has an eye for human emotion and captures feelings like he felt them personally. His Fine Art prints sell world wide and receive acclaim and honor. Gregory's photography has taken him from province to province, country to country and continent to continent.

With over sixteen years experience he strives to provide the best of his craft for every client. He now resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is availble for local and worldwide services. Gregory also has an advanced First Aid Certificate to ensure the safety of his clients and team.

The Aesthetics: Professionally trained and licensed makeup artist and aesthetician, Amber Lynn Heath, has provided services to Calgary's elite for over fifteen years. She has worked with and been trained by some of Canada's most impressive talents, some of whom are now celebrities appearing regularly on Television.

Ambers’ skills set her apart as your best asset for wedding, fashion, teen, and corporate makeup. She is also an accomplished stylist, available to consult on everything from clothing to set locations. Her further skills in aesthetics produce acclaimed satisfaction from all of her clients. On top of this she is an accomplished “second shooter” having helped Gregory many times on location, taking amazing photographs from alternate points of view.

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